Benefits of High Security Locks: Are High-Security Locks Worth It?

Fatima Buzdar

December 14, 2022

A person with a blue-striped shirt is turning the metal door handle to open a white door, fitted with a series of cylindrical locks, reminiscent of what a locksmith might install. The surrounding area appears to be indoors.

High-security door locks are designed to be sturdier and more secure than standard locks. This makes them an excellent choice if you are looking for strong security, especially for a commercial premise. However, you will find that the high-security locks come with a high cost. The cost of high security locks can lead you to crossing them off your list, especially if you are dealing with a limited budget.

However, keep in mind that the locks may be worth the investment and give you peace of mind that your building has an optimal level of security! With 125,500 reported cases of properties suffering breaking and entering in Canada throughout 2021 and over 100 break and enters in Brampton and Mississauga regions in a month, it is crucial to ensure that your security is top-notch. By allocating your budget to investment in sturdy security, you can avoid heftier costs and danger down the line, should you be an unfortunate victim to ab intruder.

So with that in mind, are high security locks worth it? What advantages and security enhancements can they offer to your property? The wide range of high-security lock features can vary based on brands which include Medeco and Schlage, as well as the models. Make sure to know what features you will get and whether they would be suitable when getting a high-security lock. You can also seek a professional locksmith’s consultation regarding choosing the best type of lock for your building.

Deadbolts That Are Resistant to Brute Force

Seasoned thieves often make use of brute force to break in, which is a lock tampering technique that includes tools like high-power drills, hammers, saws, crowbars etc. into the deadbolts in order to breach it and break in the property is a very common tactic. If the deadbolt is not sturdy enough to withstand such high impact of force, then using brute force will be prone to breaking down and allowing the burglar to break in. The strength of the bolts of certain standard locks might be vulnerable in the face of such force, which is a serious concern for sure.

This is where the high-security locks come in, rendering the tampering attempts through brute force either futile or much harder at least. It equips sturdy and thick hardened steel bolts that are highly durable due to the strong materials used in making them. These bolts can resist a high amount of force without bending and getting damaged enough to allow the lock tampering attempt to be successful. Such robust and extensive protection makes high security locks worth it.

Pins With Protection Against Lock Picking and Bumping

Lock picking and lock bumping both involve manipulating the lock pins to open the lock. Bumping entails a bump key with saw-like teeth which is pushed into the lock through a hammer bump to align the pins. While lock picking entails using flathead screwdrivers and small picks to rake the pins. These both methods make use of the weakness of pins, so this aspect needs to be strengthened enough to resist such attempts.

High-security locks are enhanced with hardened steel pins that are designed to prevent bumping and picking. For example, their positioning deters a pick from entering and their movement renders the attempt of bumping futile.

Cylinder That Is Durable Against Snapping

Lock snapping entails utilizing tools to snap the lock cylinder into two halves in order to undermine the lock. By making use of a hammer and screwdriver, it might be a matter of couple minutes for a seasoned burglar to break the cylinder apart and force the way into property. As such, the cylinder must be strong enough to withstand this tactic.

To combat lock snapping, the high-security locks incorporate a very tough cylinder. It is built with robust materials, generally hardened steel. This forms a sturdy structure of the cylinder, making it highly effective at resisting attempts to break it.

Patented Keyways That Prevent Unauthorized Key Duplication

Concerned about someone getting your key duplicated without your consent or even your knowledge? This is especially a valid concern that can come up in commercial premises, in which circulation of keys among a big amount of people is inevitable. This greatly differs with a proper key control. It is not quite realistic to have to rekey every single time a personnel leaves either. Of course such concerns can arise in residential environments too.

However, you do not have to be burdened by such concern with high-security locks. High-security locks have patented key systems. This means the locks are backed with patent protection that forbid the key duplication for the lock without the authorization of the manufacturer. Going against this patent protection holds ground for legal repercussions.

Thanks to this set up, you can be sure that your key will not be legally duplicated without your permission. Only with your authority will the manufacturer or an authorized entity by the manufacturer can the key be duplicated. On top of that, as the keyways equip a more complex structure that make it harder to be duplicated by other parties.

Serialized Keys Which Can Be Tracked With A Cloud Software

To enhance your control over key system further, some high security locks offer a serialized key system that provides the ability to track the keys through a computer cloud software. This will help you keep track of the holders, location, access points, etc. for all the keys, which is a great improvement over the key control. Key tracking can especially greatly enhance management of a master lock system.

Robust Overall Build

Your lock overall should be constructed from robust and high-quality materials so that it can provide the best security possible. This can be strongly indicated by the heavy weight of the lock. The heavier your lock is, the more you can be sure that it is made from only fine materials. They also last long even if used heavily, while maintaining an excellent condition. This can save you from the costs of repairs and replacement.

Triple cylinders on a high security door lock

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With the strong builds that are highly resistant against lock tampering and excellent durability despite high volume of usage, high-security locks provide excellent security solutions for your building and prevent break-ins. Additionally, high-security locks also offer key tracking and prevention of unauthorized key duplication, improving the key control and management which is especially suitable for business premises. These qualities definitely make them worth the extra costs compared to the standard locks.

Decided to go for the upgrade to enhance your building security after deeming high security locks worth it? Get in touch with our Brampton locksmiths and Mississauga locksmiths for installing high-security locks. We have served homeowners and business owners of Brampton and Mississauga for over 5 years with the best security solutions. We can provide consultation for choosing the lock best fit for your property and deliver a high-security lock best for your property security needs, and install it as well as assist with any maintenance needed in the future.

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