Car Trunk Lockout: Services and Solutions for Trunk Unlocking

Fatima Buzdar

October 17, 2022

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Any kind of automotive lockout naturally leaves you in a combination of frenzy and frustration, and a car trunk lockout is no exception to this. Whether you have your head in your hands due to accidentally locking keys in the trunk or you are fuming over a trunk lock that is functioning against your wishes, being locked out of your trunk can be a big headache. Being unable to access your car trunk can bar you from the convenience of storing items in it, or in worse cases, prevent you from accessing your valuables.

In the worst case, you may be unfortunate enough that the items locked in the trunk included your car key, skyrocketing the severity of your problem and leaving you in further panic. A car lockout is no small problem. It can severely disrupt your day-to-day life, and it needs to be resolved promptly.

However, you should try to keep your composure. Within the cloud of panic, you may forget ways that can still allow you to regain access to your trunk or car. Even if these ways do not work, seeking a professional automotive locksmith‘s trunk unlocking services is a foolproof way to help you resolve this situation as they have the tools and knowledge to deal with all sorts of issues relating to car trunk locks.

Car Keys Locked In Trunk

You may have left your car key inside the trunk, only to be hit by the realization a bit too late when you have closed the trunk. Along with the waves of panic coming to you, you may also be hit by embarrassment for making such a troublesome mistake. Perhaps it will make you feel better to know that you are definitely not alone in this very common mistake of getting keys locked in the trunk. The good news is that it can be resolved through various means.

Solution: Gain Access to Car Interior and Unlock Through Release Button/Lever or Fuses

If your car is open, then many cars may still allow you to open your trunk to open and retrieve your keys. It is simply a matter of unlocking the trunk through the interior trunk release button or lever. Depending on the vehicle, it may be located near steering wheel, glove compartment, center console, etc. However, there may be no interior access means to the trunk in certain vehicles which can make resolving the trunk lockout trickier.

But an even more worrisome situation is when your car is also closed, locking you out of not just the trunk but also your whole car. The situation is still salvageable, if you have access to a spare key, as is highly recommended. If you do not have one, then this is where the situation gets rather tricky because this means a car lockout. However, fret not as the situation is certainly not bleak.

An automotive locksmith is proficient with various means to help you regain access to your car by leveraging their specialized tools and expertise. They can also craft a spare key for you so that you do not get caught off guard by an unpleasant situation like this taking away your sole key from you. In order to regain the access to trunk and whole car, they may make use of a tool called slim jim. A slim jim is a long, thin and flexible metal rod that is perfect to maneuver to solve the headaches of auto locks. It is utilized to gain access to the interior of the car and manipulate a certain part to unlock the trunk or even car door.

If your car implements interior access to the trunk through a button or lever, then the locksmith would carefully slide slim jim into the interior by sliding it through the space of car window and weather stripping. They would then reach the release button or lever and use the slim jim to make them unlock the trunk.

However, if your car lacks interior access to the trunk or utilizes an electronically-powered security system, then the trunk lock mechanism may need to be overridden through the fuse box. This will also need the use of slim jim, except it will be used to unlock the door of your car. Then the locksmith would go inside your vehicle and locate the trunk lock fuse panel. They would then maneuver the fuses to deactivate the trunk locking system so that the trunk can be unlocked as a result.

You may be thinking that you might be able to do it on your own, but you should be very careful with it. Attempting to gain access to the car interior without a key can easily damage your vehicle in the process if you do not have proper expertise for it. Additionally, you definitely do not want to manipulate the fuses without proper automotive knowledge.

Damaged Trunk Lock Components

Alternatively, the trunk lockout might be the result of trunk lock components getting damaged, rather than the result of your own mistake that leaves you facepalming. The damage may be in the lock cylinder, actuator, etc. The potential reasons are countless and include natural wear and tear over time and use, rough usage of lock if operated with a physical key and weakened components due to cold weather.

Solution: Repair or Replace the Trunk Lock Components

Depending on the severity of damage, the lock components may require repair or replacement; or there may even be the need for the entire lock to be replaced. Even diagnosing which components are damaged can be tricky for a layperson, let alone repairing them or knowing how to gain the right components to replace and install. A locksmith has the expertise and experience to locate the problematic component promptly, as well as the right means to replace it.

Jammed Trunk Lock

It might not necessarily be damage but a certain obstruction impeding the trunk lock functioning. Similarly to car door locks, this can be due to frozen lock components due to very cold weather or various other reasons which can include grime and debris build-up due to lack of regular cleaning, friction caused by insufficient lubrication, etc.

Solution: Clean and Lubricate the Trunk Lock

You can wipe away the accumulation of debris and grime by wiping the cylinder with a clean cloth. Then you can apply a lubricant to keep it in a good and smooth condition. Dry and graphite lubricants are recommended to lubricate your car locks, including the trunk lock.

Solution: De-Ice the Trunk Lock

If the culprit is the harsh winter adding up another problem on your plate, then you need to thaw it. You can melt it by spraying it with a de-icer spray or 3:1 white vinegar and water solution. You may also try operating the lock with a heated up key, or a key coated in hand sanitizer or petroleum jelly.

However, remember that you need to be careful when trying these methods so that you do not end up damaging your trunk lock even more. For example, be sure to never combine the methods that entail heating up the key with flammable substances like petroleum jelly. You definitely do not want the chaos of fire in addition to your trunk lockout worries. When in doubt, it is definitely best to leave the work to an automotive locksmith.

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A prompt fix for a trunk lockout is paramount. It can take away the convenience of being able to store your items within it or even lock you out from the valuables stored within it. If you are locked out of your keys, then this can hassle you even further with a car lockout, making a timely solution even more needed.

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