Double—Pane Windows vs. Triple—Pane Windows: What’s the Difference?

Fatima Buzdar

August 27, 2023

Four cross-sectional views of window frames are shown. Two frames are white, and two have a brown, wood-like finish. The frames contain multiple layers of glass and insulation material, demonstrating different window construction designs that even a locksmith would appreciate for their security benefits.

Choosing new windows to install for your home requires considering plenty of factors. After all, it’s a long—term and costly investment to enhance your home. Among the key decisions you’ll need to make is the type of glazing to opt for. 

Glazing plays a critical role in the functionality of your windows when it comes to insulation and energy savings. You’ll find yourself contemplating between two main types: double—pane windows and triple—pane windows.

While these energy—efficient windows might seem similar at first glance, the choice between the two can make a significant difference in terms of insulation and other benefits.

Double—pane windows are more common and might appear as the obvious choice. However, triple—pane windows have advantages that are worth considering. So double—pane vs. triple—pane windows, which’s the winner? Let’s dive into the differences between double and tripleglazing to help you make an informed decision!

Understanding Triple Pane and Double Pane Windows

Before we start comparing both types, it’s important to understand the structure of each window.

Double—Pane Windows

Also referred to as double—glazed windows or dual—pane windows, double—pane windows feature two panes of glass separated by a space filled with gas, usually argon. This structure provides better insulation compared to traditional single—pane windows. 

Triple—Pane Windows

Triple—pane glass windows, also known as triple—glazed windows, come with three panes of glass. Like double—pane windows, triple—pane windows are also made with spaces filled with gas between the panes for added insulation, generally krypton. Krypton is more effective at enhancing insulation compared to argon. This combined with the extra pane provides superior insulation compared to the double—pane windows.

A sample of triple pane window profile

Double—Pane Windows vs. Triple—Pane Windows: The Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork, let’s dig into the further differences between double and triple glazing and factors that are important to consider when drawing the double—pane vs. triple—pane windows comparison.


Double—pane windows do a commendable job of insulating your home, thanks to their two sheets of glass and their gap filled with gas.

Triple—pane windows, however, have the edge when it comes to energy efficiency thanks to their extra pane. In addition, they are usually filled with krypton, a gas denser than argon, which enhances their insulating capabilities. The extra pane also allows for more Low—E coatings, layers applied to the glass to improve energy efficiency further.

So, is the superior insulation worth the additional cost when considering double or triple—pane windows? For many, especially those in colder climates, the answer is yes.


Another benefit of triple—pane windows over double is their capacity for noise reduction. Both types of windows help to reduce outside noise, but the extra pane in triple—pane windows makes them slightly more effective.


Both types of windows are durable due to their multiple panes. However, the extra pane in triple—pane windows provides them with an added layer of strength, making them better equipped to withstand harsh weather conditions like high winds and hailstorms.


Triple—pane windows are heavier than double—pane windows. They put more stress on the home’s structural components, making them less suitable for older structures with weaker framing. If you’re replacing old windows, it’s important to consider the extra weight when you install double—pane or triple—pane replacement windows.


One of the primary differences between double and tripleglazing to consider is the cost. Triple—pane windows cost more than their double—pane counterparts. Not only do the windows themselves carry a higher price tag, but their installation also requires more effort and, therefore, costs more. Despite the higher window costs, these windows are worth the extra cost for many homeowners, particularly those in harsh climates.

A window specialist installing a double pane window

Considering Double or TriplePane Windows? Count on Us to Install the Right Windows for Your Home!

Windows are a significant long—term investment that demands careful consideration. Making the right choice is paramount, and a crucial aspect is the type of glazing that enhances a window’s insulation capabilities, saving energy and bringing your energy bills down.

In this article, we delve into a comparison between two types of glazing: triple—pane windows vs. double—pane windows. Both options outperform traditional single—pane windows due to their multi—pane design filled with insulating gas.

Double pane windows offer excellent insulation, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and durability, all coupled with straightforward installation and a budget—friendly price point. Conversely, triple—pane windows take insulation and the aforementioned qualities a notch higher, albeit at a slightly higher cost.

Whether to choose a double or triple—pane window largely hinges on your local climate. Residing in a cold climate that demands extra insulation makes the triple—pane windows worth the extra cost. However, for milder climates, double—pane windows might be the perfect fit.

Count on us to assist you throughout the process of choosing the right window. Our window specialists are well—equipped to help you decide whether double—glazed or triple—glazed windows will best serve to enhance your home’s energy efficiency and overall comfort. Moreover, we offer support in sourcing and installing top—quality windows. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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