French Doors Security: Must-Haves to Secure Your French Door

Fatima Buzdar

November 8, 2022

A house exterior featuring three identical white arched doorways with glass panes. Each doorway is flanked by two shuttered windows, and there is a small fenced front garden with shrubs and plants. A white picket gate and fence in the foreground completes this charming, secure abode—perfect for visiting a locksmith.

French doors are understandably an attractive choice for patio doors for homeowners. Not only do they enhance the exterior appearance of the house with their stylish build, they welcome sunlight into your home and allow you to marvel at the outside view thanks to their translucent glass windows. However, the last thing they should be welcoming is burglars…

With that in mind, are you sure that your French door is not threatening your house safety? French doors incorporate a double door structure that has two doors joining in the middle position, which is a weak point that can be compromised through force. On top of it, they have glass panes that are weak against a high impact. Even so, French doors can be highly secure, but that is only if you take the right French door security steps. Neglecting the right measures can pose dire consequences.

If you follow the right steps to ensure the robust security of your door, then you certainly can have the peace of mind that your French door is not just contributing a chic and elegant touch to your exterior, but also reliably protecting you from uninvited people! It all comes down to choosing the right security hardware and proper door installation. Learn more to find out how you can make sure that your French door is not compromising your safety and what steps to take.

Ensure Proper Door Installation, Alignment And Adjustment

The security measures should begin straight from the beginning; that is, right when the door is being installed. Make no mistake in thinking that this is not essential. A French door being installed with proper alignment and adjustment into the door frame is crucial for its secure functioning.

The door should fit closely enough into the frame; while at the same time, it should not be too large to fit in properly. If your French door sticks due to being too large for the frame, then it can be the pathway to a myriad of problems, including being a hassle to open the door due to it sticking, noisiness, exertion upon the components; and most importantly, the door being unable to be secured and latched and locked properly. In a similar vein, a loosely fit door may also impede the door from closing up properly.

Hence, taking meticulous measurements for the door is extremely important! It needs to be established that the height, width and diagonal measurements are accurate and precise.

Install a High Security Door Lock

When talking about robust security measures for the French door security, we absolutely can not leave out the most important and fundamental security aspect: the locking system. You should ensure to choose a secure French door security lock that adequately protects your door and is resistant to break-in attempts through lock manipulation and physical force. There is a myriad of door lock types, but the best suited locks for French doors are inarguably the deadbolt mortise locks and multipoint locks.

Mortise locks are a popular choice for exterior locks, which can be credited to their excellent durability and resistance. Unlike most locking options, they fit directly into the door structure, which is done by constructing a pocket called “mortise” into the door to fit the mortise lock into. Additionally accompanied by a large deadbolt, they make up an excellent security measure for French doors.

Another popular and arguably even more secure alternative is the multipoint locking system. This is a robust lock system that takes it further by implementing multiple deadbolts. Their scope of security is higher as these multiple deadbolts are located at multiple points of the door, as indicated by the name. Generally, there are three deadbolts, each located at the top, middle and bottom of the door. This means that the these French door security locks are capable of providing outstanding protection to your doors, with the robust deadbolts not protecting just at the center point but at various points.

Some people may additionally opt for a double cylinder deadbolt system for French door lock. This is due to the security concern of a thief breaking a small hole into the glass of door and then unlocking the door through access to thumb turn. Double cylinder deadbolt eliminates the possibility of that exploit. With this mechanism, the door does not accommodate thumb turn and gets locked from both sides.

However, we recommend against it. Double cylinder locks can jeopardize the safety of you and your loved ones, in the event of an emergency. What if an immediate evacuation is needed, but the keys can not be located or accessed, for example? Hence, it is the safest to choose the single cylinder deadbolts, which lock the door only from the exterior side.

Reinforce the Glass

We addressed the best locking systems to pick; but this question still prevails: how can you prevent your French doors from being compromised through an opportunist breaking a hole into the glass panel? Additionally, there is also another security measure to consider based on whether the door opens inward or backward. If it opens inward, then the glass door is more vulnerable to be kicked in.

The primary attractive point of the French doors is the glass panel which allows sunlight into interior and outside view, but this would get negated if the aforementioned concerns are not addressed. However, you certainly do not have to turn away from French doors, since these issues can be adequately resolved through reinforcing the glass.

Panes using laminated glass can eliminate the concern of fragility. Laminated glass comprises a sheet of translucent, plastic film that is mounted between two pieced of glass. It is sturdy enough to withstand the force of a hurricane, so it will definitely protect you from burglars. Even if the glass is shattered due to a high impact, the plastic film keeps the shards in place, making it incredibly hard to break in.

Alternatively, non-laminated glasses can be reinforced as well. You can mount a security film on both sides of the door, which is a thin and translucent vinyl sheet. Similarly to the laminated glass, it will uphold the broken glass in place and deter a break in.

Mount a Security Bar

Security bars are mounted on the interior side. A bar, generally made of metal, is placed across the handles to jam them. This is a durable measure that secures the doors in place and prevents a break in through physical force, e.g. attempting to kick in the door. Security bars can also integrate alarm sensors, adding an extra layer of security.

Keep the Hinges in Good Condition

If you opt for an outward-opening French door, keep in mind that it might be a slightly more insecure option compared to the inward-opening French doors. Outward doors have exposed hinges, which can be taken advantage of by burglars to unscrew the doors if the hinges are not durable or have weak screws.

Ensure that your hinges are working in an optimal condition and not corroded and use a sturdy material for them. Additionally, the screws should be at least 3 inches long and not loosely fit.

Elegance Does Not Have to Compromise Security; Let Us Secure Your French Doors!

Are you sure your sophisticated French doors are not providing opportunities to burglars? You need to take the right measures to eliminate their fragility and lack of durability. With the right steps and consideration to the security risks, your French door security can be excellent.

However, for a layperson, it can be understandably easy to miss even the glaring security risks. If the door installation is taken on by a layperson, there is possibility of making mistakes as well, which can leave the door vulnerable. Additionally, it may not be quite easy to implement security measures like robust locking mechanisms, lock bars, reinforced glasses, etc. all of which play a crucial part in securing your doors.

This is where an expert locksmith can assist you, from installing the door to securing it. If you are seeking reliable locksmiths in Brampton, give a call to us! With our experience of over 5 years with securing the houses of Brampton residents, we can ensure that your French doors provide excellent security!

We can install the French door with a perfect fitting, as well as install a robust French door security lock. Additionally, we can ensure sturdy hinges, installation of lock bar and reinforced glass to keep the security top-notch and help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe with plenty of sunlight and outside view to enjoy.

Safeguard your property with our expert locksmith solutions. Get in touch with our approachable, knowledgeable team.