How to Find Good Locksmith Services: 11 Tips for Choosing a Locksmith

Fatima Buzdar

October 25, 2023

A locksmith wearing a beige cap and uniform is meticulously working on a white door, skillfully using tools to adjust the lock mechanism. The door features a modern handle, and the focused locksmith appears dedicated to ensuring everything is in perfect order.

Panicking because you’re locked out of your car or dealing with a broken home lock? Fortunately, locksmith services are available to save you from such a crisis. In your haste, you might be tempted to pick the first locksmith that pops up in a search. But wait, is that really the best approach?

Not all locksmiths are reliable, since some may not offer the best solutions. On top of it, there are various locksmith scams preying on people in distressing lockout situations like yours.

So, how to choose a locksmith who’s trustworthy? By identifying the essential qualities and being aware of red flags, you’ll be well on your way to finding a reputable locksmith!

How to Choose & Verify a Reliable Locksmith?

It’s crucial to research a locksmith prior to hiring them. While there’s no foolproof way to avoid unsatisfactory locksmith services, these 11 tips for knowing how to choose a locksmith will help you research and make a better-informed choice when finding a locksmith.

1. Verifiable Positive Reviews

Reviews from previous customers are a window into the locksmith’s quality of service. Check what customers say about the locksmith’s response time, solution efficiency, professionalism, customer service, and overall demeanor.

Some may add the testimonials directly on their website, but this can be easily fabricated. Seek reviews on reputable websites like TrustMate, Trustpilot, or Yell, which work to verify and discourage fake reviews. Although not foolproof, this increases your chances of finding trustworthy testimonials.

It’s also worth observing if the locksmith has any presence and interactions with customers on social media.

2. Professional Website

In today’s digital age, a legitimate locksmith company will likely have a professional website with comprehensive information to help you gauge their credibility.

Skim through their website to ensure it’s professionally worded, and well-organized, and showcases reviews, service areas, services offered, and contact information.

If they don’t have a site or have one that looks unprofessional, that’s a potential red flag.

3. Certification

Certification is an excellent sign of a legitimate locksmith, especially in regions where it’s a requirement. In places like the Greater Toronto Area, locksmiths must complete an apprenticeship and pass an official test to be certified. Ensure the locksmith technician is verified, especially if it’s a requirement in your region.

4. Specializations

The field of locksmithing is diverse, with a range of services and specializations catering to residential, commercial, or automotive needs. Many locksmith companies have technicians with expertise in all these areas, but this might not be the case for all.

Ensure that the locksmith you’re considering has the expertise in the specific service you require. A locksmith’s website should clarify their service scope, or they should provide a means for you to inquire further.

A locksmith working on a car door lock with a lock pick

5. Experience

Seasoned locksmith technicians are preferable as they are likely to provide efficient and prompt solutions. Look for locksmiths with a few years of experience, at least, as it’s a good indicator of their competence and customer satisfaction

6. Quote

Get a feel of the general price range for locksmith services in your area. For example, if you reside in Toronto, search the current average service costs of locksmiths in Toronto.

It’s a good sign if a locksmith offers a free quote over a call, giving you a ballpark figure of the cost. Keep in mind that while initial quotes provide an estimate, the final cost may vary based on the complexity of the task.

If the quote you receive is shockingly higher than the average, then the chances are that it’s an attempt to rip you off. On the other hand, be wary of cheap pricing that feels too good to be true, because it probably indeed is! Often, they’re just locksmith scams or come with hidden costs.

7. Location

Make sure the locksmith covers your area to ensure timely assistance, especially during emergencies. For instance, if you’re in the Greater Toronto Area, ensure your chosen locksmith operates in your area.

8. Availability

Unfortunately, lock mishaps don’t watch the clock. Whether it’s a midnight lockout or an early morning debacle, opt for an emergency locksmith who’s available 24/7. Just remember, there might be extra charges for off-hours service.

9. Money-Back Guarantee

A money-back guarantee isn’t a must, but it’s a green flag. It shows the locksmith is confident in their services and puts customer satisfaction at the forefront.

10. Product Warranty

For some issues, replacing faulty components like locks is inevitable. Locksmiths do their best to use non-destructive methods and preserve existing components when doing repairs, but it’s not always possible or worth it.

You can have peace of mind knowing that the products a locksmith installs come with a warranty. This guarantees the product’s longevity and provides protection should any problems occur.

11. Response Time

Time is often paramount when it comes to locking issues. Your best go-to is a locksmith company that guarantees a fast response time and arrives at your location promptly.

A locksmith working on a door lock with a screwdriver

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