How to Get into Your House After Locking Yourself Out

Chuck Williams

April 8, 2022

A woman sits on the ground outside a door, talking to a locksmith on the phone. She appears frustrated and has her left hand raised. To her right, there is a paper grocery bag placed against the wall. She is dressed in a white shirt, gray pants, and black high heels.

After a long day running up and down, you get to your house only to discover you don’t have your keys. Panic mode sets in as you realize that you are locked out of your home. What do you do? How do you get into your house if you forget your keys?

There are different ways to try to open the door on your own. However, if these options don’t work, you can browse for a “locksmith near me” to see if you can get reliable options. Finding the right locksmith services doesn’t come easy, and it’s advisable to have a go-to guy before an emergency happens. 

Ways to Get into Your House After Locking Yourself Out

The easiest way to get into your house is to use the spare key if you have it. However, if you don’t have it or can’t find it, there are other options to get into your house.

Check other doors and windows

Before you try to break into your house, you should check all the other doors and windows to see if any are unlocked.

If you have an open garage door, you can try to go through there. Most homes have more than one entry point. Try all the doors and windows to see if any are open.

Climb through a window

If all doors are locked, your next option is to try climbing through a window. Some windows are positioned a few feet above the ground. Should you have one of these, you can try to climb through it.

With windows that are not easily reachable, you will need to find something to stand on to reach the window. Once you are at the window, it’s time to check for open locks. If all windows are locked, please do not force yourself in or try to break your way through them. Shattered glass is hazardous and may cause you severe damage.

Use a Credit Card

If you’re in a pinch and can’t find residential locksmith services, you can use a credit card to open the door. This method is called “credit carding” and is only effective on doors that have lever handles.

  1. First, find a credit card that will fit between the door and the frame. 
  2. Then, bend one edge of the card at a 90-degree angle.
  3. Insert the credit card into the space between the door and the frame and apply pressure.
  4. After that, slide the card down until you feel resistance. This is where the latch is located.
  5. Apply pressure to the latch with the credit card and push the door open.

As a side note, always try to use an old credit card as this procedure can damage and, in sometimes, render is unusable.

Use a Bobby Pin

You can use a bobby pin to open the door. This method is only effective on doors that have knob locks.

  1. First, straighten out the bobby pin to get one long piece of metal.
  2. Then, remove the pin rubber. This is usually a small piece of material attached to the edge of the bobby pin.
  3. Once you’ve removed the cover, bend the tip of the bobby pin slightly.
  4. Take another bobby pin and bend it at a 90-degree angle to act as the lever.
  5. Insert the bobby pin that’s bent at a 90-degree angle into the hole in the knob.
  6. Then, slowly insert the other bobby pin into the hole and turn it until you hear a click. This means you’ve found the locking mechanism.
  7. Once you’ve found the locking mechanism, apply pressure and turn the knob.

This method is similar to picking a lock but does not involve specialized locksmith service tools. If you don’t have a bobby pin, you can use a paperclip.

Use a Screwdriver

If you have a screwdriver, you can use it to remove the doorknob. This method is only effective on doors that have knob locks.

  1. First, find a screwdriver that fits the screws on your doorknob.
  2. Then, remove the screws that are holding the doorknob in place.
  3. Once you’ve removed the screws, pull the doorknob off the door.
  4. Now, you should be able to see the latch inside the hole where the doorknob was.
  5. Reach your hand inside and push down on the latch to open the door.

This method only work with a few low security locks and may prove ineffective even if your lock is of standard security, but of recent model.

Call a Locksmith 

Like doctors are to a medical emergency, locksmith technicians are to a lock emergency. A professional locksmith is your best bet if the previous options fail.

You can search for a “locksmith near me” for assistance but beware of most Toronto locksmith websites. According to Better Business Bureau, more than 95% of local locksmiths are running ad scams. Therefore, you should be careful. Some of the things you can do to avoid getting scammed include: 

  • Check if the locksmith has a physical address.
  • Avoid a locksmith company that does not have an 800 phone number. 
  • Make sure the locksmith is insured. 
  • Get an estimate of the total cost before work begins. 
  • If the locksmith arrives in an unmarked vehicle, be cautious. 

You can find a reputable locksmith before you have an emergency. Ask your friends or family for recommendations. Once you find a locksmith you can trust, save their number for use when you need it.

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