How to Open Your Safe If You Forgot the Combination to Your Safe

Fatima Buzdar

November 14, 2022

A close-up image of a hand wearing a wristwatch, turning the dial of a combination safe. The safe, metallic and sturdy, showcases a circular combination lock with numbers visible on the dial. It’s the precise moment that would intrigue any seasoned locksmith.

You need to take your possession out of your safe, so you get in front of your combination lock safe, ready to turn the dial or press into the keypad to open the safe to access its contents. However, that is when a wave of distress rushes through your mind because you come to the realization that you can not for your life remember the combination to your safe!

You definitely are not alone in this struggle, because forgetting safe combination codes is among very common reasons for getting locked out of safe besides the malfunctioning components. As bleak and panic-worthy the situation may feel, it is certainly possible to regain access to your contents in the safe even if you have lost combination to safe. Obviously, safes are securely built to only allow entry to its contents only upon the correct code input and utilize robust mechanisms to prevent the attempts to go around that.

However, professional safe locksmiths have effective means to help you regain access to your safe through utilizing their expertise, knowledge and tools. They can even find the way back into the safe without damaging the safe into being unusable. There are various effective ways that you can try on your own as well. Keep reading to find out how you can unlock your safe even with a forgotten safe combination!

Access the Safe With a Key Override

Certain combination safes incorporate a keyway built for the override keys that come with them. These override keys serve as an alternative means to open the safe and to override the combination code. You just need to insert the key and it will open the lock, just like the safes with mechanical locks.

The override keys are provided to come highly handy in the cases in which the electronic-powered system fails, combination dials can not be operated or like in this case, you forgot the safe combination. Hence, if you can not remember your combination code, then you do not have to worry about losing the access at all as long as you have the key. However, you should definitely look into the means for changing the combination code so that you can go back to using it.

The placement of the override keyhole depends on the safe. For example, for some you may have to take off the dial pad, unscrew a protective covering for the keyhole, etc. Your manual would be your friend in this case! If you do not have access to the manual, you can look up about it online or contact the manufacturer.

Change the Safe Combination With a Change Key

Another kind of key that might save you in this troublesome situation is the change key. Your safe might come with a change key that can be inserted into a small keyhole located somewhere on the safe, e.g. back of the safe. Once the key is inserted, you can reset the combination code and set up a new one (that you will hopefully remember!).

However, the downside is that this method might not necessarily work for your situation, since it depends on the safe as to whether you can reset the combination code. Certain safes require you to input the current combination code even with a change key inserted as an extra security measure. Additionally, not all safes come with change keys.

Contact the Safe Manufacturer to Get a Reset Code

Some safes are manufactured with a reset code to assist with lost combinations to safes. You will have to find the serial number and contact the manufacturer to gain the code. The manufacturer will proceed with an identity and ownership verification protocol in order to ensure that the safe indeed belongs to you. Once this process is done, you will be sent the reset code.

Once you input this code into the safe, you will be able to reset the code and set up a new one. This will not necessarily come with all safes as well and depends upon the safe and manufacturer.

Check the Manual for the Factory Code

Some safes come with an irrevocable factory code. This may be found in the manual. Be sure to check your manual for it! If you can not find it on your manual, then again, you can get in touch with your manufacturer concerning it, who can hopefully assist you.

Drill the Safe to Manipulate the Lock

If the above methods have not been fruitful, then it is time to seek a safe locksmith’s services who can take on a more complex way to open your safe. A locksmith would generally drill into your safe to open it.

A drill rig is used to drill a very small hole into the safe. Certain safes come with a specific drilling point which a locksmith can drill into, and it is safeguarded by the manufactures and only revealed to the verified locksmiths. The locksmith can utilize it for the drilling.

Once the hole is formed, the locksmith inserts a borescope to observe the mechanisms of the lock. From there on, the bolt position is traced, which is pushed to unlock the safe through a long punch rod. Once this procedure is done, the hole is repaired and filled with flush and steel rod to make the safe usable and secure again. Once the safe is open, the locksmith would also be able to assist with changing the code.

A half open safe with an electronic combination lock

Forgot the Combination and Can Find No Way to Get Your Safe Open? Call a Locksmith

Being locked out of your safe contents because you forgot the safe combination is never a pleasant experience, especially if it holds possessions with a high monetary or emotional value. However, you certainly should not panic and try to force your way in, as you can end up damaging your safe and still be unable to access it. Instead, calmly assess the situation and see if reading your manual or contacting the manufacturer can help.

However, if neither of these means help you gain access to your safe, then it is time to seek the services of a locksmith. Our safe locksmiths in Markham are experienced with opening locked safes and helping regain access to the safe contents, all without leaving your safe unusable or insecure. Our expert locksmiths can carry out the procedure swiftly as well. The faster you can regain access to your prized valuables, the better!

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