Is a Locksmith or Dealership Best for Car Key Replacement?

Fatima Buzdar

January 3, 2023

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After taking an exasperated moment to punch the air over a broken or lost car key or fob, there comes the time to consider how you are going to get a replacement if you are unfortunate to be stuck without a spare key. Even if you have a spare key to make your situation less stressful, you would understandably want to get another one to avoid the chance of getting locked out of your car if you lose it as well.

Perhaps your first idea is to get in touch with a car dealership to replace your lost or broken key. However, while dealerships can certainly assist you with replacing your car keys, automotive locksmiths are generally much more beneficial choices. Read on to find out whether you should go with a locksmith or dealership, and what makes choosing automotive locksmiths a better decision for car key replacement services.

Locksmith or Dealership? Benefits of Choosing a Locksmith for Car Key Replacement

There are various benefits that make it more worth it to call a locksmith instead of a dealership if you want to get a replacement key. Here are the reasons highlighted to help you make a decision if you need a replacement for your vehicle key.

Cost Efficiency

As you might have heard, dealerships are infamous for charging hefty amount for all services, from simple procedures to more complex solutions. That includes car key replacements, especially transponder keys which utilize more complex technology. The higher costs are due to the dealerships needing to cover up their overheads.

However, locksmith companies do not have to bear these kind of overheads and take them into their service costs. Hence, a car locksmith’s services are significantly cheaper compared to the dealerships. By choosing a locksmith over a dealership, you can save up a hefty amount, and for even better value of services at that!


Convenience is an important factor for making a decision between locksmith or dealership. Car dealerships do not provide you with the convenience of coming to your location. The problem is that the dealerships require you to take your car to their location in order to issue keys to you. But if you do not have spare keys, then how can you even take your car to the dealership? Well, the answer is exactly what you would not like: towing your car to the dealership.

Hiring a tow truck to take your car to the dealership does not have the downside of stacking up costs, but it also consumes your time. The process can take hours, and you likely would not have patience for that.

However, when it comes to auto locksmiths, you are free from the worry of finding the means to take your car to the location. This is because no matter where you are located in the city covered by a locksmith company, the mobile locksmith will come straight to you in a timely manner once you give them a call and inform them of your location. This is a big convenience and greatly saves you from hassle of waiting for a long time and incurring further costs when you are already in a frustrating situation.

Fast Services

Time is priceless when it comes to car lock matters and locksmiths understand this well. As locksmiths come straight to your location, their services are much faster than the dealerships. No matter where you are in the covered city, many locksmiths arrive to you in a matter of within 30 minutes.

Many locksmiths also operate 24/7, which means that they are ready to serve your needs even at the midnight of a weekend. Hence, you can find assistance with your issue no matter what time it is and get it sorted before it disrupts you further!

Specialized Expertise and Equipment

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, you can also have the peace of mind that auto locksmiths have all the specialized equipment and knowledge to work with the most types of vehicle car keys. They are trained to be able to craft a whole new key for your car even without having access to the original key, provided that you show the appropriate proof of vehicle ownership.

Additionally, locksmiths can also assist with replacing the car lock, ignition, etc. and unlock your car if you are locked out or unlock your trunk. For any car lock troubles, auto locksmiths are there to have your back!

Hence if you are considering whether to choose a locksmith or dealership and hesitating if an auto locksmith can cover your needs, you can rest assured they are certainly equipped with everything necessary to provide you with comprehensive car lock services.

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Call Our Automotive Locksmiths to Replace Car Keys Now

When you face a lost or broken car key and need a car key replacement, you have to consider who to turn to for a fast, convenient and affordable solution. Dealerships might cross your consideration. However, locksmith services are likely to be a lot more beneficial to you.

Locksmiths services are much more affordable compared to dealerships. And even with lesser costs, you can enjoy more convenient and excellent services through professional locksmiths. Unlike dealerships which require driving or towing the car to them, your local locksmiths will arrive to your location in a timely manner. Additionally, locksmiths are equipped with a wide range of tools and trained to work with pretty much all car locks and keys, so you can trust that you will get an optimal solution.

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