Locked Out of Home: What to Do If You Get Locked Out of Your House

Chuck Williams

March 7, 2023

A man sits on the floor against a closed white door, resting his head on one hand with a thoughtful expression. A dark backpack is placed on the floor beside him, perhaps waiting for a locksmith. He is wearing a dark polo shirt and jeans.

Have you found yourself standing outside your house front door, frantically searching for your keys, only to find them nowhere in sight? Getting locked out of home can be quite a nightmare. It can throw off your entire day and even leave you vulnerable.

Thankfully, there are a few simple preventative measures that you can take to avoid lockouts in the first place. By understanding the common causes of lockouts, you can take steps to avoid them and ensure secure access to your home at all times.

But if you do find yourself locked out, an emergency locksmith‘s lockout services can save the day. Additionally, seeking assistance from your landlord or property manager or attempting to solve the problem yourself may also be feasible options.

Causes of Home Lockouts

There are several common behind getting locked out of the house that may happen to anone. Knowing these causes can help you take steps to prevent them from happening in the first place. Here are some of the most common reasons people get locked out of their house or apartment:

  • Lost house key: Unfortunately it is easy to misplace your keys and be unable to find them. You may be in lesser trouble if you carry a spare key to have your back. But without a spare key, you’re left stranded outside your home.
  • Broken key: Keys can suffer from wear and tear over time, losing their shape and becoming more prone to bending or breaking. This can cause them to no longer fit properly into the lock or even break inside the lock, rendering even a spare key useless.
  • Faulty locks: Locks can malfunction for various reasons, including regular use, lack of maintenance, dirt and grime build-up and tampering attempts. As a result, the lock may stop functioning and prevent you from unlocking your door.
  • Jammed doors: Doors can become misaligned or warped over time, whether due to heat or moisture absorption, rough usage or improper installation. When this happens, the door may not open and close properly, and even the latch or lock mechanism may not engage correctly, leaving you unable to open the door from the outside.

Close up of keys dropped on ground in an outside area

Tips to Avoid Getting Locked Out of Home

With an understanding of the common causes behind getting locked out of home, you can take steps to prevent them from happening in the first place! Here are some recommendable measures:

  • Always keep a spare key: Having a spare key easily accessible can be a lifesaver in case of an emergency lockout. But be sure to keep your spare key in a safe place where it won’t be easily accessible to intruders. Consider entrusting it to a trusted neighbor, friend or family member nearby, or carry a copy with you.
  • Conduct regular lock maintenance: Maintaining your locks can go a long way in keeping them working reliably! Cleaning and lubricating your locks regularly and getting them repaired promptly when needed can prevent them from malfunctioning, ensuring they function properly. If you notice any issues with your locks, don’t wait until it’s too late to call a locksmith. Addressing these issues early can prevent bigger problems down the road.
  • Keep your keys in a good condition: Make sure to take a good care of your keys as well. Be gentle when inserting or turning them in locks to prevent bending, misshaping or breaking. And if you notice signs of wear and tear, it’s best to replace it before it fails you.
  • Upgrade to a keyless entry system: If you’re prone to losing your keys, a keyless entry system could be a game-changer. With the operation methods like keypads, smartphones, biometric scanners and cards, you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again. Some keyless entry system locks also offer a physical key as a backup.

How to Get Back in Your House When Locked Out

Sometimes getting locked out of your house unfortunately can’t be avoided. So, what should you do when you find yourself in this predicament? First of all, you should not take extreme measures like breaking a window or door to break into your house. Not only could this end up costing you a hefty amount in repairs, it could also put you at risk of injury. Instead, consider some of the following non-destructive options, the ideal one being calling an emergency locksmith.

Try DIY Methods to Unlock the Door

If you want to find your way back into your house, you may be tempted to try DIY methods to find your way in as soon as possible. However, if your door is secured with robust locking system, then compromising a door lock is a highly tricky task that requires a lot of training and knowledge. Hence, this is not quite feasible as a layperson.

With that said, these three objects are commonly used to attempt to unlock the door lock on one’s own. You may give them a try but keep in mind that the chances of them working out are likely to be slim!

  • Plastic card: This one works best for some spring latches and won’t work on deadbolts. You’ll need a strong, laminated card that won’t bend during the process. But don’t use a credit card you’re not willing to part with, because the process can damage it!

    Once you have your card ready, slide it vertically between the door frame and the latch. Bend the side of the card facing you, and then bend it away from the doorknob and towards the door frame. Wiggle it up and down until the latch disengages. With some force, the latch might eventually give and let you back in.

  • Hanger: You’ll need a sturdy wire hanger that you can mold. If you have a latch bolt lock, which can be recognized by the end of the bolt facing away, bend the end of a straightened wire to make a small hook. Insert the hook into the gap between the door and frame, then hook it into the latch. While turning the knob, push the latch towards yourself with the wire in order to disengage the latch.

    If you have a push button lock, distinguished by a small hole in center, then simply insert a straightened wire into the hole and try to push the button open.

  • Bobby pins: With two bobby pins, you might be able to unlock your door. Bend the first pin into an L-like shape and insert it into the keyhole. Straighten the second bobby pin and bend one end slightly. Insert this bobby pin above the first one. Use the second bobby pin to push up each pin, then turn the first one like a key to open the lock.

It’s important to remember that trying out these methods without proper knowledge and precision could easily end up wasting your time or even damaging your lock. Secure locks are built to be extremely hard to compromise.

Hence, if one of these methods does happen to work, it’s a sign that you need to upgrade to a more secure lock right away. Your locks are your first line of defense against burglars, and they should be strong enough to withstand any attempts to break in!

Call the Landlord or Property Manager for Assistance

If you’re locked out of a rented home or apartment due to lost or broken keys, one of the first things you can do is contact your landlord or property manager. In most cases, your landlord or property manager will have an extra key that they can give you so that you can regain access to your home!

Call a Locksmith for Lockout Services

When you’re locked out of home, a professional locksmith can be a lifesaver. A licensed and experienced locksmith has the skills, tools and expertise needed to quickly and safely unlock your door, getting you back inside your home as soon as possible.

Another advantage of working with a locksmith is their availability. Many locksmiths offer 24/7 emergency services, meaning they can come to your doorstep at any time of day or night. Even if you are unfortunate to be locked out at the middle of a night, an emergency locksmith is only a call away!

In addition to helping you get back inside inside your house, locksmiths also provide a variety of locking solutions that can help with the situation. Whether it is maintaining or repairing locks, issuing new keys or upgrading your locks to provide stronger security, locksmiths are your go-to for keeping your home safe, secure and accessible to you!

A locksmith opening a house door lock

Locked Out of Your House? Call a Locksmith for Emergency Lockout Services to Unlock Your Door

Getting locked out of your home is a nightmare that no one wants to experience. The frustration and stress that come with it can be overwhelming, but there are preventative measures you can take to avoid such a situation. Simple steps, like keeping spare keys or updating your locks, can go a long way in preventing lockouts.

However, if you do find yourself locked out, it’s time to stay calm and assess the right steps to handle it to open the door. If you live in an apartment or home that is rented and lost the key, then your landlord or property manager may be able to assist you. Alternatively, you may be able to get back into your home through trying DIY methods with a plastic card, hanger or bobby pins but these methods have a slime chance of working through your efforts as a layperson.

Overall, your ideal choice to deal with a lockout is to seek a professional locksmith’s services! Locksmiths have the tools and expertise to safely and effectively get you back inside your home. At Faster Locksmith, we understand the urgency of lockout situations and are available round-the-clock to help. Our team of skilled Clarington locksmiths has years of experience in resolving lockouts quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you can regain access to your home as soon as possible!

Safeguard your property with our expert locksmith solutions. Get in touch with our approachable, knowledgeable team.