Proof of Ownership for Lockouts: How Locksmiths Verify Ownership

Fatima Buzdar

December 14, 2022

A man in a black suit sits on the floor in a narrow hallway, leaning against a door while talking on his phone. Beside him is a black bag that hints he might be awaiting a locksmith. The floor is tiled, and the walls are pristine white as he glances upward.

Locksmith lockout services are your reliable go-to options whenever you encounter the unpleasant situation of being locked out of your property. But how does a locksmith know that the building, car or safe you claim to be locked out of truly belongs to you? What stops anyone from hiring a locksmith company to unlock your property without your permission anyway?

It absolutely would be a problem if people calling the locksmith services were not required to verify ownership, and that is why locksmiths in fact require a valid proof of ownership! Nobody can just call a locksmith and enter a property they definitely are not allowed to enter willy-nilly. Locksmiths work to keep you secure and safe, definitely not to participate in break-in ploys! Having to prove your ownership when you are in a pinch might feel bothersome, but any credible locksmith would seek it to keep all parties safe from cunning people’s manipulation.

With that cleared up, you might be wondering what qualifies as a valid proof of ownership for locksmiths, whether it is to appease your curiosity or a part of your research to get your property unlocked. This depends on the type of property in question, as well as the locksmith’s policies and judgement. This article will go over the common means to seek verification, so that you can be prepared.

Verifying Proof of Ownership of Your Home

Locked out of your house due to a lost, stolen or broken key? Being unable to access your very own home is a very distressing situation that needs to be resolved promptly. However, while us locksmiths highly prioritize fixing your home lockout situation as soon as possible, we also need to take proper caution in ensuring that the house indeed belongs to you.

A government-issued document that shows the address of the house in question is the best proof of your authorization over the home, so this will tend to be the first thing a professional locksmith will ask you for. However, it is very plausible that the ID is locked within the home. In that case, the locksmith may proceed with unlocking the door, but on the condition that they will be shown the ID card once they are done.

But what if the document in question does not reflect the address of home in question? In this case, a mail or utility bill and the sort can serve as valid proof of ownership for locksmiths. Additionally, if the house in question is rented, then you may seek assistance from the landlord and ask them to send verification.

Once the lockout situation is resolved, the locksmith can craft a new key for your house so that you can continue to operate your lock as usual. Additionally, it is highly recommended to have the locksmith provide a spare key as well so that you do not have to be locked out without any alternative means besides the single key to enter.

A stressed person sitting next to their home front door and calling a locksmith for house

Verifying Proof of Ownership of Your Office

The last thing you want in your busy work day is a lockout from your office. Fortunately, it is very easy to prove ownership over the office. You can present office records that affirm your authorization to access the area, e.g. office card, bill named for you and directed to the office address, etc.

Likewise, the commercial locksmith can assist with crafting a new key as well as a spare key. Having a spare key better ensures that you do not get locked out of your office and add to the stress of your work day due to losing a key!

Verifying Proof of Ownership of Your Car

A car key lost with no spare key you can use is a sure way to disrupt the way by getting you locked out of your car. You need to provide the appropriate evidence that the vehicle indeed is under your authorization in order get the locksmith to unlock your car. Even if your car parking looks in your favor, the automotive locksmith is likely to want to practice caution.

Fortunately, there are various means for you to provide proof of ownership for locksmiths. Your vehicle permit would be a valid proof of ownership. Additionally, your insurance card can also help you greatly. This will likely need to be accompanied by your government-issued documents like your ID card or driver’s license.

An automotive locksmith can also assist with crafting a new key or even a fob for your vehicle, as well as a spare key or fob to keep you safe from lockouts in the future. If you merely locked your keys into the car, then the locksmith can merely duplicate the key. While a dealership can provide new car keys to you as well, you will be charged much higher at a dealership compared to a locksmith.

A person looking into a locked car with keys stuck inside it

Verifying Proof of Ownership of Your Safe

Unfortunately, it get a bit tricky to confirm the ownership of safes. It is not as straightforward as the home or business buildings, or cars. Some safe locksmiths may ask you to prove your ownership through a receipt of the safe purchase or a record from the safe manufacturer confirming the purchase of safe by you. However, some may also accept the safe being inside the home as a valid confirmation of it belonging to the rightful party.

How the locksmith can proceed after resolving the lockout depends on the lock type of the safe. If you were unable to open the safe due to forgetting your combination lock, then the locksmith would assist you with sorting this issue out. If your lock is key-based, however, then the locksmith can craft a new key along with a spare key.

Provide Proof of Ownership to Our Professional Locksmiths and Resolve Your Lockout Issue

Being locked out of your home, office, car or safe is undoubtedly a highly stressful situation and disruptive your important tasks as well. Adding to the stress may be the consideration as to how you can provide the proof of your ownership to the locksmith. However, fortunately there are various ways to confirm your ownership. Official documents, especially photo IDs, to confirm your identity can be highly helpful.

Additionally, the requirements for proof of ownership for locksmiths do not have to be rigid either. Certified locksmiths are trained professionals with seasoned instincts and judgment. By considering your situation and the circumstances, the locksmiths can deduce the validity of your situation.

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