Pros and Cons of Smart Locks For Your Home Door

Fatima Buzdar

October 12, 2022

A person wearing a yellow jacket is using a smartphone to unlock a door with a smart lock application. The phone screen displays the app’s interface with a large lock icon and several options below it, making them look like a digital locksmith. The door has a black, modern handle.

While you are considering the right door lock to upgrade to for strengthening your home security, this question may cross your mind: should you choose the smart locks over the traditional locks? Perhaps what compels you towards smart door locks is their keyless system, which can save you from having to search every nook and cranny of your house for your misplaced key when it is nowhere to be seen on the spot you could swear you last placed it on. Or what might dissuade you is the apprehension you have about your smart lock getting hacked by a tech—savvy robber.

With the significant danger of burglaries in mind, it is understandable to have security concerns especially for a security system that is new to you. You would also want to choose the right lock for your front door that provides you convenience. However, rest assured that smart locks are extremely secure and boast more versatile features than you might know.

In this article, we will go over what are the smart lock pros and cons and help guide your decision process for making the choice between a smart lock and a traditional lock. Remember that a professional locksmith can provide you valuable advice for this matter as well.

How Do Smart Locks Work?

Eliminating the need to keep physical keys, smart locks operate on an electronic or remote basis. They can be operated through Wi—Fi, Bluetooth, biometric recognition, etc. or even an optional back—up physical key. Some smart door locks may also be operated through a touchpad. Additionally to the versatility of their locking and unlocking methods, smart locks also boast various convenient features.

Pros of Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks have become more and more common as time passes, and that is for a good reason. There are various functions that make using a smart lock a good choice. Here is an overview of the pros that might outweigh the cons that we will soon talk about.

Keyless Entry and Exit

Managing physical keys to lock and unlock the door can be a hassle. They come with the potential to be lost or even stolen. Either of these scenarios can require you to rekey your lock to keep your property safe, and a stolen key especially direly requires this security measure.

Even with these serious cases set aside, you can misplace the keys in your home. Who is not acquainted with that annoying search for the mysteriously disappeared key in the house? We all also know how annoying it is to be away from home and suddenly be hit by the dreadful question of whether you locked your door or not.

Smart locks eliminate this inconvenience by taking away the need to keep the keys and instead allowing electronic or remote access, as well as allowing you to know whether the door is locked or unlocked. Instead, it operates through a matter of touch on a smartphone. Alternatively, it can also operate through biometric recognition, e.g. fingerprints recognition, retinal recognition, etc. As a back—up measure in the case of a technological access issue, it also provides you the option whether to choose to keep a back—up mechanical key.

Log Entries and Exits

If you need to monitor who operated your door lock and when, then a smart lock provides this facility. Additionally, you can also set your smart lock up to notify you whenever someone enters or leaves. This can serve as a good security measure, or even a parental control if you would like to monitor your kids’ entries and exits when you are away from home.

Ease in Allowing Access

Thanks to smart locks having electronic or remote access, smart locks allow loads of conveniences that you would lack with traditional locks. For example, you can unlock the door for someone without even being available at the property. This is thanks to the remote access provided by smart door locks, allowing you to control the door lock through the comfort of your smartphone regardless of how farther away you may be.

For example, perhaps you would want to lock and unlock your door for the babysitter while you are away at work. Additionally, the smart locks can work with security cameras or smart doorbells to add to your comfort; e.g. you can remotely check who is at the door and then unlock the door with smart lock without having to attend the door, allowing you to be a bit lazy.

You can also easily distribute access to other people without having to lend them a physical key. They can be allowed access to your house simply through the smartphone app. Your family members and friends can easily welcome themselves in and out without having to keep separate keys on their own then. You can easily revoke access for someone you no longer want to enter your house as well.

Integration With Other Apps and Devices

The conveniences can be endless with the ability of a smart lock to integrate with another smart home device or an app. While smart locks have their own app, you can also control your lock from one app that controls the rest of your smart devices, adding to your comfort. It can also be connected with other smart devices, e.g. voice assistant devices.

Cons of Smart Door Locks

Besides the various benefits, smart locks can also pose certain disadvantages that you would likely not face with traditional locks.

Hard to Upgrade

Certain smart locks may be lacking when it comes to adding additional modifications to strengthen the security, due to the way they are designed. The traditional locks may allow more freedom in that regard.

Danger of Being Hacked

There is no doubt that smart locks are not immune to being hacked. However, while there is the risk of compromise through a cyber—attack, you should keep in mind that it would be very challenging and smart locks keep your home safe to a great extent. Smart locks incorporate robust encryption and authentication measures to keep the lock safe from hacking.

Still, the added layer of danger from cyber—attack persists. With traditional locks, there is worry about intrusion through physical means; but with smart locks, the risk of cyber—attacks stacks up another security concern.

Risk of Being Locked Out or Locked In

If your smartphone battery runs out, you can temporarily get locked out. Or in a worse scenario, you may lose access to Wi—Fi, be unable to operate your smartphone due to it breaking down, or even lose the smartphone. In order to combat such an inconvenient situation, you may choose the option of keeping a back—up physical key. While this is a good point to consider, traditional locks also are capable of locking you out.

Hefty Price

Compared to traditional locks, smart locks can also be pricey; more expensive than the traditional locks for sure. This can be a big con, especially if your budget is limited.

How Do I Decide Whether to Choose a Smart Lock or Traditional Lock?

With the aforementioned pros and cons in mind, you can contemplate which choice best suits your needs and preferences. There is frankly no cookie cutter answer to this, as each option offers its own advantages which may better suit certain purposes of usage.

A reliable locksmith can provide consultation on which locking system would best suit your interests, as well as whether it would be worth it to upgrade to a smart lock. They can also help you with picking a lock that is perfectly equipped with features that complement your needs.

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Smart door locks make your life easier in your house in many ways, providing both security and comfort to you and its residents and visitors. Depending on your preferences, the versatile conveniences may outweigh the downsides and make up a good investment for your house.

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