Safes for Home: What Is the Best Safe for Your Valuables?

Fatima Buzdar

September 21, 2022

A small, beige electronic safe with a keypad and rotary handle is shown open on a wooden shelf. The safe, which looks like it was inspected by a locksmith, has a digital display and number pad for entering a security code.

You might be under the impression that safes might be only an investment worth it for commercial premises rather than home. That is absolutely not true. Safes for home can be a paramount part of your home security and save you from damage or loss of your assets. Even though safes can not completely block the dangers of theft or damage in all cases, it should be kept in mind that safe cracking is complicated and rare and a lot of kinds of damage can be minimized if not completely diminished.

This article will help you consider the best safe for your needs and whether investing in safes is worth it to protect your valuables and belongings. Additionally, an expert locksmith for safes can provide you further consultation with choosing just the right safe box, as well as the delivery and installation of the safe.

Why Home Security Safes Are Worth It

Safes certainly are not a cheap investment, so it is understandable to contemplate whether it is worth the cost. However, the loss or damage to your valued possessions may outweigh the costs of getting a safe. A safe box is a great way to protect your valuables from the reach of hazards like fire, water, burglary, etc. and any other damaging or loss hazards. They can give you the peace of mind that your valuables are under optimal protection.

Alongside the protection layer, they are also a great means of organizing your valuables. Additionally, they can also cut on the costs and distance inconvenience of alternative protection like a safe deposit by saving you the monthly costs incurred from it to protect your valuables. With all these benefits offered, safes for homes are likely to be a wise addition to the security of your home.

How to Choose the Best Home Safe for Your Needs?

When choosing a safe box, it is important to consider the size, weight, and security features that you need and how they can fit with your purpose. You should also decide whether you want a model that is fireproof, waterproof, or both. And you should also consider which kind of lock mechanisms you would prefer.

Which One Should You Choose Among the Types of Safes?

All types of safes each have protection mechanisms catered to the properties of items they should keep secure from damage.

Burglary Safe

Burglary safes implement robust anti—theft mechanisms and tamper—proof technology, a type of safe that is designed to protect your valuables from burglars. Burglary safes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and tend to be very heavy, which indicates the level of their security. For extra layer of protection in the event of a fire, they also often have fireproof mechanisms.

With burglaries cases amounting to as big as 137,516 in Canada during 2020, a burglary safe is a wise investment. They are difficult for burglars to break into, and can often delay or deter them altogether. As such, they are optimal for the storage of valuables like stashes of cash, gold, jewelry and so forth.

Fireproof Safe

Fireproof safes are designed to withstand fire, smoke and heat. As such, they are capable of withstanding high temperatures for extended periods of time. The period of protection depends upon the durance rating; most household fireproof safes can last at least 30 minutes.

If you want to protect important documents, sentimental items, and so forth, then fireproof safes are a perfect choice. On its own, a fireproof safe is not good to protect materialistically valuable items. However, safes like burglary safes and jewelry safes incorporate its mechanisms alongside their own protection mechanisms.

Jewelry Safe

Jewelry safes have anti—theft mechanisms, and they often also incorporate fireproof mechanisms for optimal protection of the items. Alongside protection from burglary and theft, they also help maintain the condition of jewelry. The interior of the jewelry safes tend to have smooth textile lining and compartments like shelves or drawers for the organization of pieces secured inside it.

Pieces of jewelry tend to be among the most expensive valuables in a household, as well as backed with emotional sentiments. As such, keeping them protected and deterring unauthorized access is paramount. A jewelry safe provides that security to your pieces and protects them from damage and theft. It can also be leveraged for other valuables like family heirlooms, watches, etc.

Gun Safe

Gun safes often are built small enough to fit into narrow spaces like drawers. While they have sturdy security, they are also designed to give quick access to the authorized person. These both factors facilitate quick access in the case of an emergency. For larger firearms or a collection of firearms, there are also bigger safes available. Additionally, gun safes can help prevent theft, as they are very difficult to break into. Have compartments for guns built inside them

If you are keeping firearms in your home, you definitely should consider keeping them secure in a gun safe. Insecure storage of ammunition without restricted access can be a dire danger or even a cause of a tragedy. A gun safe would restrict the access to guns from children and anyone unauthorized, and in turn keep you and your household safe.

What Safe Placement Should You Get Installed?

Along with the types of safes, the placement of the safe is an important aspect to consider as well. Certain placements may be more proper depending on the type chosen. For example, if your safe holds valuables like jewelry or cash, then the floor or wall safes may be a sound choice; and for essential documents or crucial but non—expensive objects, just a freestanding safe would be adequate.

Floor Safe

Floor safes are permanently fixed into the floor by constructing a cavity into the floor. Due to their nature and a level that is even with the floor, they can be easily hidden from the view to add another layer of protection, e.g. by covering them up with a thick carpet. As such, they are overall a good assurance that your belongings will be well—protected not just by making it hard to access these but also be concealed from everyone but the authorized people’s awareness.

Wall Safe

Similarly to the floor safe, wall safes are fixed into the cavity of a wall. And likewise, they also facilitate ease to hide them from the view of unauthorized people by placing obstructions in front of them. Alternatively, the wall safe may be fixed on the wall without constructing a cavity.

Free Standing Safe

A freestanding safe is a type of safe that can be placed on the floor or another flat surface. It is not attached to the wall nor floor. It can be easily moved around as needed without being restricted to a specific place. Additionally, freestanding safes are typically more affordable than wall—mounted or floor—mounted safes.

What Safe Lock Type Should You Choose For Your Safe?

Choosing which lock type to go with depends upon your preferences, budget, etc. Alongside considering how secure the lock choice would be, you should also consider your own access; e.g. an electronic biometric lock can eliminate the risk of losing the key. However, either way a locksmith for safes can help if you are locked out of your safe, no matter what type of lock you choose

Keys Lock Safe

A key lock safe is a type of safe that uses a physical key to open and close it. It is durable and tends to be more affordable than its other counterparts. However, it might not be the most secure in case its key ends up within malicious hands, or it can be prone to being picked as well.

Dial Combination Lock Safe

Also known as a mechanical combination lock, it entails turning the wheel to input the set code. It provides sturdy security. Additionally, it eliminates the risk of lost or stolen keys, as well as typical lock picking. The downside is that you cannot change the combination yourself; you would have to seek a locksmith’s services for it. It can also be a bit time—consuming to open.

Electronic Combination Lock Safe

An electronic combination is similar to the traditional dial combination, but it offers more advanced features and conveniences. It allows you to change your combination whenever you want on your own. Additionally, electronic safe locks can have even more advanced features like multiple codes, temporary blockage after a number of incorrect inputs, alarm system, etc.

Biometric Lock Safe

Biometric locks eliminate both key and code management, freeing you from the worry of losing your key or forgetting the combination. The biometric locks open the safe upon recognition of a physical feature like fingerprints, retina, etc. It can also accommodate various users.

Protect Your Valuables With a Secure Home Safe Before It Is Too Late

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