Wooden Window Maintenance Tips: 9 Must—Do’s to Maintain Windows

Fatima Buzdar

August 9, 2023

A woman with a braid, wearing a white shirt, is cleaning a window with a yellow cloth in a brightly lit room. There are multiple windows behind her, and a potted plant is partially visible to the left of the frame, while the tools of her locksmith trade rest on a nearby table.

Taking care of your home involves many tasks, and a crucial part of it is maintaining windows in your home. Doing regular window maintenance extends the life of your windows, helps you keep your home secure, maintains energy efficiency and interior comfort, and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. These wooden window maintenance tips will help you keep your windows in prime condition!

Window Maintenance: Essential Tips for Maintaining Windows

1. Inspect Your Windows Regularly

Inspecting your windows is akin to a routine health check—up. It’s essential to detect problems early on and get them resolved.

Overlooking issues like sealant gaps, chipped paint, leaks, deep scratches, moisture trapped between the panes, and an uncooperative sash might not seem problematic initially, but they can escalate. Living in areas prone to corrosive elements like sea air or aggressive sprinklers makes inspections even more vital.

But how often should you inspect to maintain your windows? Aim for a quick examination every season, especially during transitions. Also, consider hiring professionals for inspections every couple of years. They’re trained to spot even the smallest issues that might escape an untrained eye.

2. Address Issues Promptly & Properly

Stumbling upon a problem during your window inspection? Address it without delay. Just like a small leak can sink a large ship, minor window issues, when ignored, can become massive problems. Quick repairs save money and maintain windows‘ structural integrity.

DIY may seem enticing, especially with the wealth of online tutorials. While some repairs are straightforward and can be managed personally, certain issues may require the expertise and tools that only professionals possess. In addition, a professional can get the work done faster than a layperson. So if you encounter a complicated issue, get in touch with a window repair expert as soon as possible!

3. Replace Weatherstripping

Think of weatherstripping as your home’s thermal armor fixed on windows and doors. It keeps your interiors comfortable and energy—efficient by preventing hot or cold air from sneaking in or out and keeping elements and insects out. But they don’t last forever. Over time, these seals wear out, leading to increased energy bills and decreased comfort.

Regular check—ups can ensure they’re in tip—top shape, especially if you notice your energy costs mysteriously soaring or drafts around your windows. Depending on your region and the type of weather strip, you might need replacements every 1—5 years. A timely replacement ensures consistent protection against elements and helps you maintain a comfortable interior atmosphere.

A person applying a foam tape to a window

4. Address Foggy Windows With IGU Replacement

Foggy windows can be bothersome, and even more so if they can’t be wiped. This is due to the moisture accumulating in the triple—paned or double—paned windows. This condensation on window glass panes indicates a failing IGU (insulated glass unit).

A properly functioning IGU maintains a barrier against external temperatures, ensuring energy efficiency. When moisture seeps in, it means the sealant has failed. This not only obstructs the view but also diminishes the window’s insulating properties. With energy prices soaring, a compromised IGU can result in higher bills.

If you notice such condensation, it’s a cue to consult a window specialist. Typically, the IGU will need replacement to restore the window’s functionality.

5. Ensure Locks Are In Good Condition

As window locks provide defense against potential break—ins, it’s important to ensure they’re in good condition. A compromised lock can jeopardize home security. Regular maintenance ensures they function flawlessly. Debris, grime, and rust can be adversaries here.

Clean the locks with a mild cleaner now and then. In addition, don’t forget to lubricate your locks regularly. If they seem tough to maneuver or make a squeaky sound, it’s time for lubrication. However, avoid using oil—based products. These tend to attract grime in door and window locks. Instead, opt for graphite or silicone—based lubricants.

6. Keep Windows Clean

A sparkling window doesn’t just help with aesthetics and welcoming sunshine. It also helps keep the window working in good condition. Make sure you clean your windows routinely so that the grime and dust don’t accumulate and become a headache to clean off! If you live near the sea, then frequent cleaning is all the more important due to corrosive salt that can be harmful to the window materials if accumulated.

Start with a dust—off. Then use a mixture of water and vinegar with a microfibre cloth for a streak—free shine. Tough spots might need a mild soap and water solution. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, as these damage the frames.

A person cleaning the windows

7. Maintain the Tracks

The tracks of your window are its unsung heroes. They guide the window panes, ensuring smooth operation. But, they’re also prone to dirt and grime accumulation, which can make your windows difficult to open and close or even damage the tracks. So ensure you clean and lubricate them for smooth functioning!

Cleaning with a soft brush can prevent dirt build—up in window tracks. For a deeper clean, consider using a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Always ensure the tracks are dry before you lubricate them. And, just like the locks, always choose graphite or silicone—based lubricants.

8. Upkeep Windows Paint

Your window paint does more than just make your house look good. It also serves as a protective barrier. Chipped paint exposes the underlying material to potential damage. This is especially the case for wooden frames, as chipped paint allows the wood to absorb moisture and lead it to rot. Hence, it’s a crucial part of wooden window maintenance.

Regularly inspect your windows for paint damage and retouch as necessary. Consider using weather—resistant paint for added protection.

9. Handle Windows With Care

Avoid using excessive force when opening or closing your windows. Not only can this damage the mechanism, but repeated force can also weaken the structure over time.

A window expert repairing a window with caulking gun

Need a Pro for Inspecting Your Windows and Repairs? We Got You Covered!

Taking care of your windows goes beyond aesthetics—it’s essential for security, energy efficiency, and overall comfort. We went over the most important dos for wooden window maintenance that every homeowner should follow to keep their windows lasting a lifetime.

Regular inspections and timely issue resolution prevent minor concerns from becoming major expenses and ensure your windows last as long as possible. Weatherstripping and insulated glass unit (IGU) replacements are key for energy efficiency, while well—maintained locks ensure home security.

Clean tracks and windows are vital for smooth operation and improved aesthetics. Additionally, proactive care of window paint and handling windows gently can extend their lifespan.

By maintaining windows with these tips, you ensure lasting windows that enhance both the functionality and appeal of your living space.

If your windows are having any issues or require professional inspection, get in touch with us now! Our skilled Caledon locksmiths can inspect your windows and make prompt necessary repairs. Should any component require replacement or if there’s a need for a new window, we can procure high—quality products and install them! Get in touch with us now.

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